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Red Deer Photographer | Gender Reveal

I'm so extra excited for this gender reveal because this little baby will be my n......

Red Deer Photographer
Will the baby be a Boy or Girl??

We might be slightly crazy because when we headed out for our smoke bomb gender reveal there was rain and lighting. But these guys couldn't wait to share the news with friends and family!

It's a boy and we are so excited to meet this little guy in December! We couldn't wait for our smoke bomb reveal and unfortunately if you ever plan on using them bring extras and a lighter! Almost all of our purple ones did not ignite and some exploded.. other's the fuse pulled out and we had to light it with a lighter and one only lasted briefly before burning out. So I improvised in a couple photos and used a bit of photo shop magic!

Congratulations you guys I can't wait to meet my nephew and everyone else get prepared now for all the baby photos!



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